Nervous system – Chiropractor in villages Florida

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HAVE YOU HAD YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM CHECKED LATELY? Why are people flocking to Legacy Clinic 1 time per month?   Because the human body possesses a natural ability to heal itself, and this ability depends on a healthy nervous system. Safe, specific spinal correction allows your body to heal faster and can even prevent disease. Your spine provides a basic structure for the muscles and other parts of your body, performing several pivotal functions like support, protection and flexibility. NervesREAD MORE

Facet Syndrome in the Villages Florida

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Lumbar Facet Syndrome One of the most common causes of lower back pain is lumbar facet syndrome. A pair of facet joints extend out from each vertebra along the back of the spinal column (the side that faces out), which connect to the corresponding vertebrae above and below, allowing for movement in the spine. Like any other joints, they are subject to injury and conditions such as arthritis or repetitive motion disorder. The more activity someone does that JAMS the Vertebral