Pelvic Strength Exercises

Pelvis Strengthening Exercises





  1. Start with your feet approximately shoulder/hip width apart, toes slightly pointed outwards.
  2. Keeping your abdominals and core tight, sit your butt backwards as though you are sitting in a small chair behind you.
  3. Once your hips are just below your knees, use your glutes to push yourself up to the standing position. This is one rep.
  4. Keep knees over your ankles, do not allow them to track over. Keep weight over your heels, no weight over the toes.

Repeat 10x, 2x/ day

Clam shells:


  1. Start lying on the floor on one side with your legs bent at around 90 degrees at the knees. Angle your thighs from your body at around 135 degrees. Shoulders, hips, and feet stay in alignment.
  2. Keeping your hips stacked vertically on top of each other, hinge at the hip to bring the knee of your top leg up, opening your legs like a clamshell.
  3. Keep the heels touching each other, and squeeze the glutes to drive the movement. It’s very important not to let your pelvis roll backwards as you raise your upper leg.
  4. Use your free arm and place your hand on your upper glutes, so you can feel the glute muscles working throughout the exercise. This kind of ‘palpating’ for muscles working can actually increase the amount of muscle recruitment and activation.

Repeat 10x, 2x/ day

Pelvis Strengthening Exercises






  1. Start standing upright with feet together, and core muscles engaged.
  2. Keeping the left leg straight the whole time, take a large step out to the side with your right leg, bending at the knee.
  3. Sit your hips back and push your butt out behind you as your right knee bends, as if you were sitting in a chair.
  4. Pushing through your right heel, drive up as you engage your glutes to push up out of the lunge and return to the starting position. This is one rep.
  5. Repeat on the same side, or alternate sides (your preference) for the desired number of sets and reps.

10x, 2x/day

Side Lunge:


  1. Start standing upright with feet together, and core muscles engaged.
  2. Keeping the left leg straight the whole time, take a large step out to the side with your right leg, bending at the knee.
  3. Sit your hips back and push your butt out behind you as your right knee bends, as if you were sitting in a chair.
  4. Pushing through your right heel, drive up as you engage your glutes to push up out of the lunge and return to the starting position. This is one rep.

10x, 2x/day







Pelvis Strengthening Exercises



1.    Start lying on your back on the floor, with your knees bent and your feet flat at shoulder with apart about a foot or so away from your butt.

2.    With your knees apart and without actually moving them, imagine squeezing an imaginary ball between your knees. Hold this for the entire exercise, as this can help activate your glutes.

3.    Clench your butt cheeks tightly together, and squeeze hard for the whole exercise.

4.    Keeping your core tight, drive strongly through the heels of your feet to drive your hips up in the air.

5.    Lower back down to the starting position, and repeat for the desired number of repetitions.

10x, 2x/day

Bird/ Dog

1.    Begin on all fours with your hands directly underneath your shoulders and knees directly below hips.

2.    Engaging your core, bring the spine into a neutral position (straight back – neither arched, nor hunched over).

3.    With control, raise your right arm straight out in front of you, and at the same time, extend you left leg out straight behind you.

4.    Hold at the top of the motion and give you glutes a little squeeze to get your leg as high as it will go.

5.    Lower back to the starting position, and repeat with the opposite leg and arm.

10x, 2x/ day

Fire Hydrant

1.       Engage your core muscles so that your spine is in a neutral position, neither arched or hunched excessively.

2.       Keeping the right leg bent 90 degrees at the knee, rotate at the hip in order to lift your outer right thigh up in an arcing motion out to the right side of your body. You want to aim to get your thigh parallel with the ground (out at 90 degrees to your supporting left leg), however, this can require some flexibility.

3.               Most people have a limited range of motion in their hip joints, so this is not only a great hip-opener and mobility exercise, it also works the butt and core stabilizing muscles.

4.               Squeeze the glutes to hold your leg in the cocked position for 1 second or more, and then lower back down.

5.               Repeat with the other leg.

10x, 2x/ day

Resisted Knee Raise

1.       Secure the ankle strap around your active ankle and stand 3 to 4 feet away from the door with your back to the door.

2.       Position your body with your active leg back and far enough away from the door so that the band(s) are starting to stretch.

3.       Keep your back straight, chest up, head straight and stomach tight.

4.       Bring your active leg up and forward until your knee is at hip height.

10x, 2x/ day


Weekend Massages Available

Weekend Massages Available

Finding time for yourself is often hard to do, but its also the best thing you can do. We know that that many people lead active and busy lives and sometimes 5 days just aren’t enough. That’s why we are happy to offer massage appointments on both weekdays and weekends. You don’t need to stress in order to relax!

Massages In The VillagesStress is known to be a cause of many physical and mental health issues. Spending some time with one of our highly trained massage therapists can relax the stress away, relieve tension on tight muscles and promote overall health. The benefits are amazing and now you can take advantage of these benefits on the weekends too!

Here is a list of just some of the perks of massage:

  • Reduced muscle tension
  • Improved circulation
  • Stimulation of lymphatic system
  • Reduction of stress hormones
  • Relaxation
  • Eases depression
  • Increased joint mobility and flexibility
  • Improved skin tone
  • Improved recovery of soft tissue injuries
  • It helps to manage headaches
  • It counteracts all the sitting we do
  • Eases muscle pain
  • Eases anxiety

There are too many perks to name here but if would like to read more about the amazing effects that massage therapy can have… click here

For more information or to schedule one of our weekend massages, contact us by phone at 352-259-0024

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Acupuncture In The Villages

 The Villages Acupuncture

Dr. Perry was recently nominated by the International Association of HealthCare Proffessionals to represent the Villages area as the Top Acupuncturist. Legacy Clinic is honored to have Dr. Perry as part of our team and we welcome one and all to see what everyone is raving about! Its true that acupuncture can help relieve stress, but is that all? Not by any means. Stress is known to cause multiple other conditions such as depression and anxiety and can also lead to problems with the heart and other organs. By relieving stress through acupuncture, you are getting so much more. Studies have shown that patients who were moderately to severely depressed rated their depression in half or less after being treated with acupuncture and the results lasted form onths after treatment was concluded. When everything seems designed to create more stress in your life, call us and schedule a time to take it all away for a little while. Come visit The Village’s area Top Acupuncturist at Legacy Clinic.

Dr. Perry offers: acupuncture, natural pain shots, trigger point injections, laser therapy for pain and nail fungus removal and so much more. To learn more about his services or to book an appointment, call us at 352.259.0024 or email us at

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Natural Pain Shots

Natural Pain Shots

Cortisone shots have been the “go-to” tool for quick relief from pain for a long time now. While cortisone is very effective for many people, more and more research is being done on the harmful effects that could come from repeated use and the benefits of natural pain shots. At Legacy Clinic we believe in providing the best AND safest care for our patients. Sacrificing health down the road for a quick fix today is not what we stand for.

Natural pain reliefAfter researching on our own end to find safe alternatives that actually work as well as cortisone does, we found Traumeel and Zeel. Both of these medications use ingedients that are naturally found in the body and concentrate them in one area to promote healing and pain relief without the side effects. We have had great success so far with our patients and several have tried both cortisone and the natural brands. Most have stated that that the natural shots worked just as well if not better than the cortisone.

Inflammation is not always but often caused by an injury to the body. arnica Montana is known for its abililty to provide relief from pain caused by inflammation. Many patients can get relief from pain through this natural root contained in Traumeel as opposed to other options like steroids or prescribed medications.

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