Why Should You Try Acupuncture?

Many of us suffer from routine headaches or very painful acute headaches. If you’re someone who has been suffering in silence, it’s time to speak up!


A 2016 review published by the American Headache Society found that acupuncture can be part of a treatment plan for people suffering from migraines, tension type headaches, and other types of chronic headaches.

Another 2016 Cochrane review showed that “adding acupuncture to routine care or treatment of acute headaches reduces the frequency of headaches in the short term (three months).”

Many people simply take OTC meds such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen to combat their headaches. These may be effective in the short term, but they can lead to much worse effects in long term usage. Don’t continue to “deal with” the painful aches, try acupuncture for yourself and get the relief you’ve been needing.

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