Sports Therapy

Sports therapy in villages, Florida

Sports Therapy and structural balancing

Sports Rehabilition

At Legacy Clinic our passion is to provide life altering chiropractic wellness care, empower patients to understand what being healthy truly is and to improve your performance in life.

Our sports therapy and structural balancing will help you battle back from sport specific injuries (a few examples are iliotibial band syndrome, runners knee, hamstring strain, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, etc…) along with making postural corrections from every day physical stresses. We perform a comprehensive examination and functional assessment looking for muscles that our shortened and tight or weak and overused, not just focusing on the area of the injury.

We work with you not to just get you pain free but to try and manage your fitness, lifestyle and nutrition for optimal results, longevity and feel/perform the best you can. Whether you are competing in a sport, wanting to sit at the office pain free, or just want to feel your best, there is something for everyone!