What Our Patients Say About Us

Legacy Testimonials

Had a massage from Melissa. It was phenomenal. She makes the massage to your needs and she has lots of good advice. I will return
– Jeri Fiset

I have been a patient for approximately 2 years. I have been treated by both "Dr. John" and "Dr. Chris" and have been very happy with both of them. They get to the bottom of the problem and treat it, without using medications to bring relief for the moment, but rather lasting relief through their treatment. If a problem arises and I need to be seen,, they always make room for me to come in at that time. The entire staff is friendly and professional. I have recently used their weight loss program and am extremely happy with the results. I recommend this practice to anyone needing Chiropractic help!
-Reva Ceader

I Love this place!! Both Dr John and Dr Chris are amazing, nice, and focused on a whole body healing. Their staff is very friendly and always makes me feel special. They also have a group of massage therapists that are highly qualified and always make me feel better. I have suffered from chronic migraines and back aches, but the Drs and therapists at Legacy Clinic have helped me manage and maintain a pain free life. Thank you!!!
-Kelly Kouns

Dr. John is the best! He fully alleviated my tightness in the SI joint. Thank Dr. John. I’ll definitely be back.
– Brett Rose

I came here with pain in my lower back, butt and left leg, that was excruciating. I was evaluated & treated with much kindness & empathy. The staff are friendly yet efficient. The Chiropractors listen to you and treat you as an individual. I am so happy to have found this practice.Special thanks to Dr. John for all you have done to ease my pain. Your thoughtfulness yesterday put a bigger smile on my face & brightened my day.
– Connie Haverkamp

Their treatment plan for me really worked wonders! For many years, I’ve had sciatica, stiff neck issues, and a sore tailbone after sitting for any length of time. Now, I’m doing much better and have graduated to the maintenance program and am doing the prescribed exercises at home. Dr. John, Dr. Chris, and Dr. Angela listened during every visit and treated me so professionally and graciously. Believe me, I can’t say enough good things about them and their wonderful support staff. Thank you everyone for making a difference in my quality of life!!
– Linda Larson

I started seeing “Dr. John” about 4 years ago after a fall. He helped me get through the first year of serious discomfort and I have continued with him for maintenance and when, on occasion, I have a flare up. I got such great relief that I convinced my husband to see him when he was having problems. He wasn’t sure but when his back pain became so bad he couldn’t get out of bed he decided to try – and then wished he’d gone sooner!!! Dr. John even saw him over the Xmas week when the office was officially closed because he recognized how badly he needed help. Can’t say enough positive about Dr. John and his staff.
– Sue Rowland

I have been going to Legacy for a few years. I find the doctors to be excellent and the staff to be very gracious and accommodating. I go on a schedule, but they always take me in when I feel the need for adjustments between scheduled times. Highly recommend them.
– George Campbell

Dr. John has always fixed my problems, usually with my neck. All the staff are helpful and proficient. Everyone there is so friendly, it is a pleasure to go there. Mary Ann Swisher
– M S

DR. John and Chris have done wonders for me I am pain free and can go back to my activities. Tennis and Golf.
– Bill Clark

I started going to Legacy clinic for neck and back pain. Dr John and Dr. Chris have have been treating me for those issues and have helped me tremendously. I highly recommend legacy clinic.
– John Nunziato

Though my extremely long time sciatic pain hasn’t been permanently alleviated after a dozen sessions, the entire team at Legacy has gone above and beyond in trying to fix this. They truly are all very interested in the health of the patient. To a person they are very professional and highly skilled.
 – Robert Mesloh

Dr John and Dr Chris have worked miracles for me over the last few years. It’s been a life changing experience for me. My first trip found me using a walking cane and lots of pain. I have very little pain today and certainly have retired the cane. The office staff makes me feel like part of the family. It’s a great organization. Thanks to all.
– Bernard Scott

Having been to several chiropracters over the last 15 years with no real results I was amazed and thrilled with the results at Legacy., The staff is excellent and they care about their clients.
– Tammie Rosenhouse

I am able to play sports again. I will be on their maintenance program probably for life but this is so much better than taking pharmaceuticals and I feel healthy about this plan for me.
– Marianne Sinclair

Going to Legacy Clinic was the best thing I have ever done for my self. The weight loss program was AWESOME. Dr. Chris is the best!! He also treated my spinal condition that I thought I would just have to live with. I am pain free for the first time in years.
– Laura Utzie

This is a wonderful chiropractic clinic! Very professional and most importantly they know what they are doing!
– Becky Maddux

Excellent services. I have recommended Legacy many times.
  – L Gra

This is an awesome practice! Between their message therapista and their doctors, I feel like a million dollars!
– Ollie Parsons Moochler

My husband saw Dr.John. He was very professional and followed through to make sure my husband receive excellent care.
– Julie Townsend

The staff of legacy clinic of Chiropractic is extremely courteous, professional, and knowledgeable in chiropractic care. they greet you by name and treat you as an individual. I have no hesitation in recommending their practice to anyone who needs neck, back or sciatica issues.
– Sharon Lee Book

Best of the best! Not only has dr. John and his staff improved my quality of life but they provied all of the professionalism you want to see at your doctor office. They are super knowledgeablwe and t5ake their time to zone in on the right treatment for you. If you don’t believe me try it for yourself you will not be disappointed!
 – Alex Caban

The Dr’s and staff at the Legacy Clinic took excellent care of me! They are a very knowledgeable, kind and caring group. They focus on giving the appropriate care for each patient and their individual areas. I feel that they went above and beyond with my treatment. Now after months and months of excruciating pain, I am now on my way to being pain and medicine free!
– Gabriella Sciarrillo

I am so impressed with the care I received at The Legacy Clinic. From the front desk to the doctor – everyone was so great to deal with! I appreciate you all! You made me feel so much better. Thank you!!!
– Cathy Cagle Harris

The doctors at Legacy Clinic are very interested in how you feel and making progress to a better life. My headac hes are gone and I’m half an inch taller. Woohoo. Could ask for better staff and doctors.
– Karen Buss

I can again touch the floor with my hands. Awsome! At 85 I f inally found a help for my scoliouses. The decompression had elevated my number legs, leg pain and leg shocks also pain in my back.
– Jan Petro

Dr. John and his staff are remarkable. From the minute I f irst called him for help Iknew this was where I wanted to be. This is the family I wa nt to be a part of. I may wa lk in hurting but walk out smiling. Thank you to each and everyone of his staff, who are always smiling, and especia lly to Dr. John for making me feel like a whole person again. Continue being a driving force in our community and your Chiro Mission. I HIGHLY recommend and support Legacy Clinic for all your Wellness needs. God bless each and everyone of you.
– Sandy Haring Hooten

My hips was relieved just one treatment and with one cervical treatment my voice lost hoarseness
– Wanda P.

The most awesome aspect about legacy is they treat the cause, not just the symptom
– Karen M

I had pain for 2 years, Legacy found the source of my problems and help me to be pain free in a short period of time.
– Barbara

My headaches went away, and my sinuses cleared up.
– Kathleen W

It has given me a pain free life. My range of motion & flexibility are amazing and all without surgery. I’ve been to many doctors and was told it was due to advanced age & arthritis and I would have to live with it or have surgery. Well I didn’t have surgery and don’t have to live with it anymore. Thanks to Doctor John 20 years of pain & discomfort gone and my posture is so much better.
– R. Perella

I feel much better. I was going down the wrong path with pain management that was causing more problems.
– C. Kilroy

Dr john is the first person in the medical profession who has taken a true interest in solving my problems. I cannot Thank him enough.
– Linda T

I had been dealing with sciatica pain in my left hip for 10 months before I went to Legacy Chiropractic Clinic. I had cortisone shots in the spine, an orthopedic surgeon had sent me for 15 sessions of physical therapy. Nothing worked until Dr. Theeck and Legacy Chiropractic. 
– B. Stresen-Reuter

My spine surgeon said I don’t have to  have surgery thanks to Legacy Clinic 
– Joan H

When I came to Legacy Clinic I couldn’t walk.  I can bend like I should. My neck is better. My back is in great condition.
– G. Chase

“Decompression works! Employees are very nice and totally competent.”
– J. Middleton

The Program improved my life. I am physically feeling so much better.
– M. Meyer

Welcoming, friendly atmosphere, Dr. John zeros in on areas of pain.
– D. Moore

The treatment for my lower back and leg pain by everyone at legacy clinic of chiropractic has relieved me of all pain. Dr. Theeck and his staff are very professional and friendly. Thank you
– L Roberson