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Dr. Tim Clarrey DC

Dr. Tim Clarrey D.C is a Chiropractic Physician
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Dr. Tim Clarrey is an experienced Chiropractic Physician at Legacy Clinic. Dr. Tim grew up in Kansas City, Kansas and has lived in Missouri as well. He received his undergraduate degree from The University of Saint Mary College, Leavenworth, KS, and his Doctorate from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Overland Park, KS. Dr. Tim has worked with professional and college athletes, including PGA pros, NFL players, even PBR riders. He has also been a I.F.P.A. certified personal trainer helping people reach their fitness and weight loss goals over the years. Dr. Tim wants to help others with his 12 years plus experience in chiropractic care to regain their health and wellness naturally here at the Legacy Clinic.

Dr. Tim Clarrey DC​ Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Tim Clarrey DC

Chiropractic Physician


Education Background
  • Cleveland Chiropractic College – Doctor of Chiropractic Degree
  • University of Saint Mary College – Bachelor of Science
  • Truman Medical Centers V.A. Hospital Physical Medicine – Externship
  • Activator Protocol
  • Cox-Flexion Distraction Technique
  • Extremity long-axis spot specific diversified
  • Foot Leveler
  • I.F.P.A. Personal Trainer (former)
Associations and Organizations
  • Florida Chiropractic Association