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The advent of smartphones has proved to be devastating for our necks. Prolonged slouching over your phone screen, and checking out Facebook reels can lead to the development of neck issues such as text neck syndrome and neck pain.

According to a study, 43.6% of individuals suffer from text neck syndrome. This means neck pain and abnormalities are now more common than ever. Therefore, there is an ultimate need to fix the neck before things get out of hand.

Neck pain can be the outcome of different underlying abnormalities including whiplash injury, cervical spine injuries, degenerative diseases of the spine, and poor postures. Pharmacological interventions for neck pain do seem to provide monetary relief but you need a practical solution for long-term pain relief.

A chiropractic adjustment is an efficient and safe way to say goodbye to neck pain. You can easily appreciate the following benefits of chiropractic for neck pain:

1.   Alleviation Of Pain And Disability

It was revealed in a practice-based feasibility study that people with acute neck pain report considerable reductions in pain and disability scores. The study validated chiropractic treatment to be a safe and effective way of alleviating neck pain.

The different types of chiropractic procedures (cervical spine manipulation and mobilization) have astonishing effects on pain and disability levels in neck pain patients, a study suggests.

2. Improvement In Mobility

Neck pain is usually accompanied by shoulder spasms and pain that gravely reduces your mobility. This can be attributed to the fear of pain on movement i.e. kinesiophobia.

This is why neck pain can be debilitating at times. Chiropractic treatment can help restore the muscle and joint balance of the cervical region, thereby, allowing you to enjoy a better range of motion.

Chiropractic care positively influences the pain perception of the body and allows a better range of motion.

3. Reduction Of Daily Medicines

You won’t be needing painkillers and muscle relaxants to get you going. Chiropractic adjustments actually fix the underlying neck issues (musculoskeletal) and improve your performance, thereby, reducing your dependence on analgesic medicines.

Where Can I Get The Best Chiropractic Treatment For My Neck Pain?

You should visit the Legacy Health Clinic to rejuvenate your muscles and bless your neck!

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