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Facet Syndrome in the Villages Florida

One of the most common causes of lower back pain is lumbar facet syndrome. A pair of facet joints extend out from each vertebra along the back of the spinal column (the side that faces out), which connect to the corresponding vertebrae above and below, allowing for movement in the spine. Like any other joints, they are subject to injury and conditions such as arthritis or repetitive motion disorder. The more activity someone does that JAMS the Vertebral discs than
the greater chances of facet syndrome. Your Lumbar spine is structured with a lordotic curve. That curve is formed to distribute the weight evenly on each vertebra. When you lose the lordotic curve from sitting or poor posture then your weight on your joints is not evenly distributed and creates too much force on your Lumbar facet joints. The lumbar facet joint can create pain stemming from a variety of causes. One of the most common causes is simply aging. As we get older, the cartilage in our joints wears down and the synovial fluid lessens, reducing the cushioning the cartilage provides, and allowing the bones of
the joint to rub together. Smokers are at greater risk for lumbar facet syndrome, as it has been proven that smoking leads to greater cartilage loss. Injury to the lumbar facet joints caused by trauma or overextension (a situation particularly common among athletes) can also lead to this syndrome.

The Spinal Facet Joint

Some of the symptoms of Facet Joint Syndrome include:
1.) Severe spinal pain, particularly when engaged in movement.
2.) Stiffness and limited motion ability in the area of the back.
3.) Pain becomes worse upon bending backward or straightening the back.
4.) When the lumbar nerve is affected, sciatica symptoms may occur.
5.) An onset of Pinched Nerve symptoms may arise, particularly in the area of the cervical spine. 

Suffering from Facet Joint Syndrome

Individuals suffering from facet syndrome may feel worse in the morning, due to increased inflammation and stiffness that occurs during a resting period. They tend to have stiffness and usually will feel somewhat better after they have been moving around. As the day progresses they tend to be ok as long as they keep moving. However, for those having to work seated all day or work from a computer, they may find they are at a greater risk of experiencing pain
throughout the day. Patients often try shifting their posture in an attempt to find relief. But while this temporarily reduces discomfort, the resulting poor posture can trigger muscle spasms in the surrounding tissue, forcing the irritated facet joints more firmly together and making movement in the low back even more painful. 

Treatment for Facet Joint Syndrome

People with lumbar facet syndrome respond particularly well to Chiropractic care in the Villages.
If you’re experiencing symptoms mentioned above and are looking for a chiropractor in The Villages, you can schedule a free consultation at Legacy Clinic of Chiropractic. While the mechanisms underlying facet syndrome are similar for everyone, there are factors unique to each patient, however, which determine what type of care will work best for you. If your condition is out of
our scope of care, or we believe someone else may be a better choice for you, we will research who the best medical professional would be and give you a referral.
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