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Nail Fungus Removal

Living in Florida, everyone wants to take their shoes off and walk in the sandy beaches once in a while. This can be embarrassing though if you suffer from toe nail fungus. Not only can it cause you embarrassment but it can spread to other toes or even your fingernails.


Fungi are very hardy microorganisms. For this reason the fungus is hard to get rid of. Past treatments have included pills (which have harsh side effects including possible liver damage), creams and even surgery to remove the nail. Even with all of this, the fungus can come back. The news is not all bad though. Studies have found that lasers specifically designed to treat this condition are quite effective. One study found that after only 4 treatments, 76% of the patients showed improvement. This procedure has great potential to replace common practices due to the fact that there are no known side effects, it is pain free and it takes far less time.


If you are diabetic or have a weakened immune system, a fungus left untreated could lead to more serious conditions also. If you suspect you may have a fungi in your nails or you just want some more information, contact us at…

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