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Preventing Spinal Degeneration: The Role of Spinal Decompression

Our spines are meant to have a curve in the neck and a curve in the low back. These curves distribute our weight evenly and protect the discs in between the vertebrae. Over the course of time, our spines can begin to straighten. This puts all the weight directly on our discs and can lead to arthritis, stenosis, facet syndrome, hernias and pain.


So how do we prevent spinal degeneration or keep it from getting worse. Step one will always be to consult a chiropractor. Through an exam, they can determine the best route for you. One suggestion they may have is spinal decompression. This process is typically painless and generally feels good. As a patient, you can expect to have the decompression therapist explain the process to you before they start, but let’s give you a brief description here too.


For your lower back; you will lie down on a table and a belt will be tightened around your hips. This belt will be connected to a machine which will begin pulling backwards until it reaches a preset amount of pull. Once there, it will remain at that weight for a certain length of time (different practices and machines may vary the time) and then it will release. This process is repeated for about ten minutes. During this time, it will feel as though someone has grabbed your hips and pulled down. This gently stretches out the lower spine taking pressure off the discs and relieving symptoms.  Over time, through decompression, adjustments and proper care at home, you can regain the natural curvature lost and heal the discs.

For your neck; the process is the same, though you will be set up differently on the table. Often, a device closes in on each side of the neck and begins the stretch there.

Many patients just starting out have a preconceived notion that treatment will hurt. This whole process is designed to cause relief from pain and discomfort. Spinal decompression is a great tool when used along with manual adjustments. Many patients see amazing results, and many patients no longer have a need for their walkers or canes.

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