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Acupuncture For Cancer

Acupuncture can be effective in treating the adverse reactions may have to cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation as...

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y strap decompression adjustment

Y Strap Decompression Adjustment

Y-Strap Decompression Adjustment: Y-Strap decompression is a manual spinal decompression technique that uses a special strap to release pressure along the spine...

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what is sciatica

What Is Sciatica?

What Is Sciatica? Sciatica, also called sciatic nerve pain, is a condition that causes leg pain along with many other...

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Glutathione and Covid

Glutathione might be called the antiviralwarrior in the COVID battle, playing a role, one article reported, in “antioxidant defense, nutrient metabolism, and regulation of...

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Injections Vs Medications

Homeopathic injections vs traditional medications Most traditional pain medications on the market work by turning off pain receptors. They mask...

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