Legacy Clinic of Chiropractic

Dr. Aaron Perry DOM LMT

Dr. Aaron Perry DOM 
Doctor of Oriental Medicine
Licensed Acupuncturist
AP 1813


  • AS Degree Natural Health
  • BS Degree Health Science
  • Master’s Degree in Oriental Medicine


  • Massage 1997
  • Acupuncture 2003


  • Acupoint Injection Therapy
  • Homeopathic Injectables
  • Phlebotomy


  • Neuro Muscular
  • Trigger Point Release
  • Swedish Massage
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • TuiNa
  • Shiatsu

My signature massage consists of a combination of Swedish for a relaxation combined to calm the mind. I use neuromuscular technique and trigger point release technique to turn off hyperactive neurological activity which refers pain from one place to another. The use of an oriental technique called Tui-Na for various pathological diagnoses from sinus problems, spinal deviations to digestive disorders and to stimulate your body energy.

Dr. Aaron Perry DOM is a skilled, licensed and compassionate acupuncture physician serving The Villages Florida for over 20 years. Dr. Perry is a graduate of the prestigious Florida College of Integrated Medicine and has completed several postgraduate courses to help provide top-notch acupuncture care in The Villages. A true leader in the field of Chinese Medicine, Dr. Perry has trained with some very elite integrative medical doctors. Dr. Perry has achieved great results with injuries and psychological disorders, as well as sports injury and pain conditions. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Aaron Perry to see how Acupuncture, acupoint injections, or prolozone injections can help you improve your quality of life.