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Trigger Point Acupuncture


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Trigger Point Acupuncture

What Are Trigger Points?

Trigger points are more commonly known as “knots” in our muscles. When there are too many of these “knots” it is called Myofascial Pain Syndrome. This can cause an alarming amount of pain and can often occur without warning. They tend to cluster around an injury and they can be a major factor in back and neck pain.

What Is Trigger Point Acupuncture?

Trigger Point Acupuncture (TPA) is a technique wehre a therapist will insert tiny needles into the affected muscles causing them to loosen and relax. Trigger points are believed to be micro-spasms in muscle tissue. By inserting the needle into the tissue, it temporarily blocks the signal controlling your muscle to spasm. Without this signal, your muscle is free to return to its natural state.

Why choose this method?

This method is great for relieving pain caused by trigger points. Those who have chronic severe pain may find that it doesn’t completely relieve the pain but lessens it to a greater extent than other options. Those with minor aches and “knots” can usually find whole relief from pain and can prevent the reoccurance.

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