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Laser Therapy

The Legacy Clinic of Chiropractic utilizes laser technology to help provide long lasting pain relief. This class 4 laser is leading the way in pain management, tissue repair, safe treatments, and fast treatment times.

With real and continual results, the laser not only out performs any other laser, it can eliminate the need for pain pills (pain killers), surgery and injections by delivering pain free results with absolutely no side-effects. The Class IV Laser classifications simply mean that the laser produces greater than 500 Milli-watts. The 60 Watt Class IV High Power High Dose Laser is the worlds most powerful continuous therapeutic laser with a maximum output of 60,000 mw.

What is Laser Therapy?

Laser Therapy, or “photobiomodulation”, is the use of specific wavelengths of light (red and near-infrared) to create therapeutic effects. These effects include improved healing time, pain reduction, increased circulation and decreased swelling. Laser Therapy has been widely utilized in Europe by physical therapists, nurses and doctors as far back as the 1970’s. Now, after FDA clearance in 2002, Laser Therapy is being used extensively in the United States.

Patient Benefits of Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy is proven to biostimulate tissue repair and growth. The Laser accelerates wound healing and decreases inflammation, pain, and scar tissue formation. In the management of chronic pain Class IV Laser Therapy can provide dramatic results, is non-addictive and virtually free of side effects.


  • Neuropathy
  • Arthritis
  • Neck Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Elbow Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Hip Pain
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Rotator Cuff Tears
  • Foot and Ankle Arthritis
  • Rotator Cuff Tears
  • Meniscus tears