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47 pounds in 3 months


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47 pounds in 3 months

Check out how much weight these two patients lost in 12 weeks.

Yes, that’s right – they both lost 47 pounds!

They did this by following our amazing doctor-directed weight loss program.

Both of these patients began with a free consultation in the office which included an evaluation using our state-of-the-art body scale.  We analyzed their total weight and broke that weight into categories such as fat mass, muscle mass, and water weight. We also studied how well their body’s metabolism was functioning. This evaluation allowed us to set realistic goals and a specific plan based on their body’s unique composition. 

Their weight loss program included a portion-controlled diet along with a few supplements to help reset their body’s hormones and cravings while shedding unwanted fat and weight along the way. To help detoxify their bodies, they drank daily shakes before lunch and dinner and took liquid nutrition.

They were told to drink the proper amount of water, to eat a wide variety of foods, and to walk 20-30 minutes every day.  They came to the office every week for 12 weeks to be held accountable and to be congratulated for the amazing job they were doing.  

After all, was said and done they are each 47 pounds lighter! 

Contact us now to start your own incredible weight loss journey! 


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