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PRP Injections for Shoulder Tendonitis 


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PRP Injections for Shoulder Tendonitis 

Among all the painful shoulder injuries, shoulder tendinitis is very critical. The level of pain it causes in the shoulder is just indefinable. We have traditional treatments available for it including physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medications, and surgeries too for high-level cases. But platelet-rich plasma injection for shoulder has left all these behind. In this blog post, we will learn about the same & what are the benefits of platelet-rich plasma to treat shoulder tendinitis.

Understanding Shoulder Tendinitis 

Shoulder tendinitis is a critical problem in the shoulder that refers to the inflammation in the area of the tendons. Mainly, it points to the inflammation in the rotator cuff tendons. It’s a very serious shoulder problem that requires treatment as soon as possible. And guess what? You have PRP injections to go with.

Causes of Shoulder Tendinitis 

This problem isn’t natural. It occurs because of:

  • repetitive overhead activities 
  • trauma
  • degenerative changes due to aging

Effects of Shoulder Tendinitis 

Being a very serious shoulder problem, it causes:

  • pain
  • inflammation 
  • swelling
  • difficulty in moving the shoulder 

And these effects can disturb our normal lives a lot. Think to yourself that you won’t be able to lift things easily when they fall from the place because of shoulder tendinitis.

Treatment with Platelet-rich Plasma Injection for Shoulder 

Platelet-rich Plasma Injections in The Villages are available to treat shoulder tendinitis and give you relief from significant chronic pain. All you need to do is:

  1. Consult a chiropractor
  2. Discuss the benefits of platelet-rich plasma for shoulder tendinitis 
  3. Get PRP injections in The Villages 

What Can You Expect?

After getting a PRP injection for shoulder tendinitis, you can experience the following:

A Boost in Healing

Your shoulder will start healing by providing growth factors directly to the injured tendons in the shoulder area.

Pain And Inflammation Will reduce

You can experience a significant reduction in pain and inflammation from shoulder tendinitis. In the end, comfort will remain.

Less Dependency on Medications

If you have been on medicines for a long time to treat pain (let’s say painkillers), you do not require them now after a platelet-rich plasma injection.

Potential for Long-Term Relief 

Long-term relief from pain is also possible.

Post-Care Also Matters A Lot 

After a platelet-rich plasma injection, the therapy does not end there. You require the post maintenance of your shoulder too. For this, you require to be under proper chiropractic care. You can find a chiropractor in The Villages easily. The expert will be with you at every step and guide you properly.

Also, if you want answers on how long should you rest after PRP injection for shoulder tendinitis, no one other than an expert can answer this well.

What Other Than Shoulders?

Not only the shoulder, if you are suffering from issues in the back and knee, you can consider PRP injections for back pain and knee pain respectively. The benefits of platelet-rich plasma are numerous whether it’s about shoulder tendinitis or any other musculoskeletal condition.

In case of critical problems (that are at high-risk levels), platelet-rich plasma injection might not work fully. But you can expect some improvements. For example: your pain will reduce. Although not completely, there are chances of around 50% reduction in pain.

For mild-level musculoskeletal conditions, it can give you 100% relief.

Accessible To All

Platelet-rich Plasma Injections are accessible to everyone to date. You can find clinics around you that offer PRP therapy. If you are from The Villages, Legacy Clinic is here that provides PRP injections in The Villages. 

Whether you are dealing with shoulder injuries like shoulder impingement or shoulder tendinitis or it’s about knee pain or back pain, there’s a chiropractor in The Villages to solve your problem. Find the perfect solution today!

Go With PRP or Not?

In the end, it’s your final decision to choose PRP injections for shoulder tendinitis or not. Keep in mind all the healthy benefits of it but do not skip on the consequences. If financial constraints are the problem, be aware that you cannot cover expenses for PRP injections using insurance. We suggest consulting to the experts or reach out to us for detailed information on the same. Legacy Clinic of Chiropractic is known for providing guidance and care to its clients. It will help you get a better understanding of PRP for your particular condition.


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