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PRP For Shoulder Impingement 


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PRP For Shoulder Impingement 

Shoulder problems are very serious issues because they keep on increasing more and more. Although yoga and physical exercises might help up to a certain extent, in case of critical problems like shoulder impingement, you need a platelet-rich plasma injection for shoulder. Now, you might think of possible surgical options. Yes, they are also available to go with. But they seem very expensive to many. Also, they ask for more time to recover. But PRP therapy is something different. 

In this blog post, we will understand how you can get the benefits of platelet-rich plasma by using it for shoulder impingement.

What is Shoulder Impingement?

Before directly going into PRP therapy for the shoulder, you need to have a basic understanding of what shoulder impingement is. We will not confuse you with so many medical and scientific terms. Simply understand that it is a major shoulder problem that occurs when the rotator cuff tendons get trapped and compressed. This can occur during heavy shoulder movements. For example: if someone lifts very heavy luggage on his/ her shoulder, yes there are chances of shoulder impingement. 

Effects of Shoulder Impingement 

Now, how the shoulder impingement will affect your body is also an important question to answer. So, basically, it creates 

. inflammation 

. pain

. doesn’t allow to move a lot, i.e. decreases mobility 

. pain when lifting the arm, reaching behind the back, or doing overhead activities 

In some cases, people often experience dizziness due to shoulder impingement.

Solution Through Platelet-rich Plasma Injection 

Yes, you read it very correctly! You can treat your shoulder impingement with PRP injections. So, basically what PRP is? 

It stands for platelet-rich plasma. That means your shoulder will get plasma (which is the healing part of our blood). But how? So, this work requires proper chiropractic care. You can find a chiropractor in The Villages for you. What he/ she will do is inject platelet-rich plasma into your shoulder to increase the amount of platelets in that particular area. And, the platelets will perform natural healing there. Also, the expert will use your own blood, not someone else’s. Hence, you can be worry-free for any infections and all.

Benefits of Platelet-rich Plasma Injection For Shoulder Impingement 

Going for platelet-rich plasma injections in The Villages to treat your shoulder impingement is a wise decision as it offers numerous benefits. Some of them are as follows:

Natural Healing

Firstly, as PRP injections use the patient’s own blood, they utilize natural healing mechanisms. No worries about any side effects at all.

No Worries of Pain

Your pain from shoulder impingement will go after PRP. If not completely, at least you will experience worthy relief up to some extent.

Inflammation Gone

If you have developed inflammation because of shoulder impingement, the benefits of platelet-rich plasma will make sure that it vanishes away.

Minimally Invasive

PRP therapy is not at all like surgery. It is minimally invasive.

Shorter Recovery Time

Also, it won’t take too much time to heal your shoulder. Its recovery time is less than surgeries.

Potential to Delay Surgery

PRP injections can also delay the need for surgery. In some cases, it eliminates the requirements of surgical intervention totally.

More Applications 

Not only the shoulder, but you can also choose PRP injections for back pain, knee pain, and other many applications.

How Long Should You Rest After PRP Injection for Shoulder Impingement?

So, this is a very important thing! The healing time speaks a lot about how well a surgery/ injection will work for the patient. Generally, it will go for 3 to 6 months. Yes!! But if we talk about what you can do during the healing time. So, you can’t go for heavy physical activities with shoulder impingement at all. Try to avoid strenuous efforts for at least 1 month. Generally, experts suggest it for 2 weeks. But give rest to your shoulder for around 3 weeks to 4 weeks, i.e., a month. Later on, try getting one step ahead. 

You can also go for chiropractic care for PRP injections in The Villages. The experts will be able to guide you better. 

So, what are you waiting for with pain in your shoulder? Go to a chiropractor today and get a solution to your problem as soon as possible! 


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