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Dr. Perry was recently nominated by the International Association of HealthCare Professionals to represent the Villages area as the Top Acupuncturist. Legacy Clinic is honored to have Dr. Perry as part of our team and we welcome one and all to see what everyone is raving about! Its true that acupuncture can help relieve stress, but is that all? Not by any means. Stress is known to cause multiple other conditions such as depression and anxiety and can also lead to problems with the heart and other organs. By relieving stress through acupuncture, you are getting so much more. Studies have shown that patients who were moderately to severely depressed rated their depression in half or less after being treated with acupuncture and the results lasted form onths after treatment was concluded. When everything seems designed to create more stress in your life, call us and schedule a time to take it all away for a little while. Come visit The Village’s area Top Acupuncturist at Legacy Clinic.

Dr. Perry offers acupuncture, natural pain shots, trigger point injections, laser therapy for pain and nail fungus removal and so much more. To learn more about his services or to book an appointment, call us at 352.259.0024 or email us at info@legacyclinic.org

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