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Acupuncture needles size? / Acupuncture in The Villages


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Acupuncture needles size? / Acupuncture in The Villages

The size of acupuncture needles usually used have a diameter of 0.2 mm, in other words they are tiny. The needles are about the same thickness as an eyebrow hair.

Acupuncture needles are inserted into the skin to stimulate tissue and stimulation points. Most acupuncture points lie on the meridians; the points referred to as trigger points, can lie alongside the meridians. Acupuncture points are stimulated in acupuncture through various puncturing techniques to bring the body back into balance.

In traditional acupuncture, the needles are inserted into the skin or further into the tissue depending on the procedure and skin area. To stimulate the acupuncture point, the needles can be gently turned, lifted, lowered or even tapped. This form of treatment is possible with almost all types of needle.

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