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Acupuncture treatments with Dr. Perry at the Legacy Clinic


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Acupuncture treatments with Dr. Perry at the Legacy Clinic

The Legacy Clinic of Chiropractic has always been in a constant struggle to serve its patients in the best possible way. We are lucky to announce a new traveler in our voyage of curing diseased bodies.

Welcome Dr. Perry To The Legacy Clinic

We wholeheartedly welcome Dr. Perry onboard. Dr. Perry is an extremely professional and experienced doctor of oriental medicine who aims to connect with patients and provide the best treatment options possible. For 13 years, he has mentored a renowned MD in the functional medicine field (Stem cell therapy and PRP). His academic and professional accolades are next to none.

The Many Roles Of Dr. Perry

Massage Therapist

As a massage therapist, Dr. Perry has been serving patients for 27 years. Starting his journey in 1997, Mr. Perry has strived to refine his gifted touch to relieve the pain and anxiety of patients.


The doctor has served as an acupuncturist for a good 21 years. He is an acupoint injection certified professional who can quickly relieve your muscle spasm. He specializes in working with zeel and traumeel injections, which are administered into the acupoint/trigger point.

Injection Therapist

Injection therapy is an integral part of the world of functional medicine. It helps target multiple maladies with multi-functional solutions. Be it methylcobalamin (vitamin B12) or glutathione injections, Dr. Perry will administer the natural supplements most professionally.

Prolozone Therapy

When it comes to long-term relief from chronic disorders (arthritis, spine pain, musculoskeletal pain), Dr. Perry has loads of experience in Prolozone therapy. He is a certified Prolozone therapist who can provide you with pain relief for a good six months.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

PRP therapy can positively change a patient’s life. However, the results depend on the expertise of the therapist. Due to exceptional palpation skills and years of professional experience, Dr. Perry’s PRP treatment provides unbelievable results. Be it the spine or the shoulder, the commendable results speak for themselves. The effects can be attributed to precise and accurate joint space injections.

The Unique Attributes Of Dr. Perry

Ozone With PRP At Affordable Rates

Dr. Perry pairs Ozone therapy with PRP treatment to get faster and superior results. Compared to competitors, Dr. Perry offers PRP at a much lower rate without any compromise on quality.

Free Consultations

He does free consultations for services, but you would need an MRI for PRP therapy. Clinicians refer all extremity issues and soft tissue problems (like IT band issues, bursitis, rotator cuff injuries, piriformis syndrome, and biceps tendonitis) to Dr. Perry. The quick and long-lasting resolution of symptoms has increased fellow doctors’ and patients’ trust in him. This has also helped the flow of the office by allowing the chiropractors to focus on the spine only.

The rich experience and services of Dr. Perry prove the high-quality professional he is. We wish all the best to Dr. Perry and hope this nexus proves to be most beneficial for the residents of the Villages.

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