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Animal Chiropractor – Dr. Angela


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Animal Chiropractor – Dr. Angela

Many of our patients come to our clinic to get back to playing sports and exercising after an injury. Whether it is golf, tennis, yoga, or swimming, normal body mechanics are required. We have all had injuries or painful conditions that prevented us from our normal activity, but when it interferes with exercise it can lead to a downward spiral of inactivity. We have seen too many cases of back pain that leads to inactivity that leads to muscle weakness, weight gain, and further pain and inactivity. This can be a vicious cycle. It’s important, whether you’re a weekend warrior, a daily jogger, or even the canine athlete, to get back to activity as soon as possible after an injury is healed.  
Whether it’s keeping canine athletes at their best, or helping the weekend golfer on the course for another couple of years, chiropractic can help athletes in many areas. Back pain is one of the most common and debilitating sports injuries, which chiropractic is suited to treat more effectively than most other modalities, including medications like NSAIDs and opioids. Other common sports injuries chiropractors treat are shoulder sprains, hip strains, tennis elbow, headaches, neck pain, IT band syndrome, and injuries from car accidents.
Did you know that Chiropractic is safe for everyone, kids, the elderly, and even your pets! It is a natural alternative to pain management as well as improving mobility and function.  Telltale signs that your pet has pain is limping, yelping when touched, crouching or flinching head when being pet, not lifting their head or tail, and not doing usual activities such as jumping up onto the couch or bed. Pets are able to be adjusted just like people, the only difference is the number of vertebrae (bones of the spine) and angle of the joints.  Animals respond extremely well to chiropractic as they do not carry the same level of stress as people.  Animals do not need to be adjusted as frequently as people as they usually hold their adjustments better than people. 
If you have questions about animal chiropractic please talk to Dr. Angela!

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