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B12 injections in The Villages, FL


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B12 injections in The Villages, FL

Vitamin B12 is a surprisingly necessary vitamin.

Vitamin B12 has so many positive effects on the body that we would never even think of. For instance, it is crucial in developing new red blood cells and preventing anemia. It also supports the normal function of your nerve cells and is needed for DNA synthesis. That’s a lot to ask of a vitamin, but it does much more!

B12 also…

  • Helps prevent major birth defects
  • Supports bone health and may prevent osteoporosis
  • Reduces risk of macular degeneration
  • May improve mood and symptoms of depression
  • Prevents the loss of neurons, benefitting your brain
  • May give you an energy boost
  • Could improve heart health
  • Supports healthy hair, skin and nails

Is there anything else you could ask for? We didn’t think so either. Unfortunately, studies have shown that about 6% of the people in the US are deficient in this vitamin and around 20% are borderline low. Think about all this vitamin does and then think of what happens when you don’t have enough.

So what can you do if you think you might be low or defeicient? Well, luckily, we have options. B12 is now offered in injectable form so that your body can get the most use out of it. While B12 has shown no signs of danger from overuse, you should consult with your physician if you have any concerns.

B12 can not be made naturally by our bodies. It is only found in animal products, therefore those on a strict vegan diet nay be low even with certain foods being fortified with the vitamin. Other reasons include: bariatric surgery or bowel resection, age, those with GI diseases such as Crohn’s and Celiac, people taking Metformin to control their blood sugar and thos taking proton pump inhibitors (Prevacid, Prilosec, etc) for chronic heartburn.

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