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Benefits Of Natural Doctor Guided Weight Loss Vs. Plastic Surgery


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Benefits Of Natural Doctor Guided Weight Loss Vs. Plastic Surgery

A hanging pot-like belly is downright a dent to your self-confidence. Obesity is one health condition that not only affects the way you look but also disrupts your organs. According to the WHO, 13% of the world’s adult population was obese in 2016.

Many people across the globe seek medical attention for weight loss but are baffled as to what should be opted doctor supervised weight loss plans or plastic surgeries (liposuction and smart lipo techniques). Today we shall discuss the benefits of following a doctor-formulated weight loss program.

Benefits Of Natural Weight Loss

Image Credit: Total Shape
Image Credit: Total Shape https://totalshape.com

No Need For Surgeries

With a natural weight loss program that involves diet and exercise, there is no need for surgical interventions. Plastic surgery procedures (such as liposuction), on the other hand, are not for weight loss but rather “fat-cut” procedures that require minor surgical procedures. Thus, weight loss programs can be easily adopted even by those who fear needles.

Improvement In Lipid And Glycemic Profiles

In a smart lipo operation, excess adipose tissue is removed from specific areas in the operation but it doesn’t impact the lipid profile. The doctor-guided weight loss has shown to be effective in depleting tissue deposits and improving lipid profiles and insulin sensitivity.

Better Targeting Of Fat Cells

Doctors’ recommended program of 28 lbs loss in 40 days targets the belly fat cells better than liposuction. Research shows that dietary weight loss targets adipose tissues (fat cells) in the belly and leads to significant improvements in insulin sensitivity and cardiovascular health.

No Hefty Costs

Doctor-guided weight loss requires you to cut down on carbs to aid fat loss. This does not require you to invest a large sum while opting for a plastic surgery operation can drain you of your entire life savings.

No Side Effects

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The greatest benefit of natural weight loss over plastic surgery is that it saves you from complications/side effects of liposuction. Studies show a list of post-surgical complications of liposuction including edema, ecchymosis, seromas, irregularities, etc.

As there is no surgery involved, there is no recovery time needed for doctor-advised weight loss programs.


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