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Benefits Of Placenta Compositum Homeopathic Injection


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Benefits Of Placenta Compositum Homeopathic Injection

What Is the Placenta Compositum?

This injection stimulates peripheral blood circulation and cures atherosclerosis, trophic ulcers, endometritis, dysmenorrhea, and neurocirculatory dystonia.

It also cures obliterating endarteritis, degenerative and vascular diseases of the ear, and gangrenous conditions of the legs. Excessive smoking and diabetes may cause this condition.

The Compositum is also effective in nodular epithelial, elephantiasis, and bedsores. It also cures residual disorders after stroke, encephalitis, or corneal opacity.

What Are Its Benefits?

Placenta Compositum is a homeopathic medicine that cures vascular diseases caused by peripheral circulatory disorders. Negative changes in tissue tropism may accompany these diseases, such as atherosclerosis, trophic ulcers, diabetes mellitus, varicose veins, bedsores, and obliterating endarteritis.

It is an effective treatment for corneal opacities, vascular diseases of the inner ear, and post-stroke therapy. This composition also has a therapeutic effect on alopecia and placental insufficiency.

This preparation also has a vasodilator and venotonic effect. This means it can eliminate vascular spasms, and improve tissue tropism and microcirculation. It accelerates metabolism and detoxifies, besides having a mild analgesic effect.

This drug owes its properties to the unique complex of substances mixed in its composition. Specifically, these substances improve blood circulation and tropism of the endothelium of blood vessels. Better nutrition strengthens their walls. The endocrine system, specifically the pituitary gland, benefits from this preparation.

This drug is a general tonic for the myocardial muscles of the heart and circulatory system as it normalizes blood pressure and builds resistance to atherosclerosis. The trophic ulcers and heaviness in the legs are cured quickly due to improved circulation.

How Is It Administered?

Placenta Compositum is administered parenterally, i.e., bypassing the intestines. The route of administration may be subcutaneously, intramuscularly, intradermally, or intravenously. It is given daily in case of acute disorders, otherwise 1-3 times a week. The entire volume of the 2.2-milliliter ampoule may not be necessary. Thus, the dosage should be prescribed by a physician. Stored the drug in a dry place (15-25 ° С). The Compositum has a shelf life of 5 years.

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