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Better Swing, Less Pain


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Better Swing, Less Pain
I had the pleasure of working at The Villages Golf Festival this weekend representing Legacy Clinic and being the only Titleist Performance Institute Certified chiropractor at the event.

Back Swing ExercisesTitleist Performance Institute is an educational organization dedicated to the study of how the human body functions in relation to the golf swing. One thing that really surprised me was how many golfers were spending money on a “magical” golf aid seeking greater distance but were unwilling to invest time and money into their own body to get it. The most common thing we see happen to golfers who receive regular chiropractic care is the ability to hit it further and have more stamina throughout the round.

Most professional golfers have a chiropractor they see to ensure that their whole body is performing optimally. If one area or muscle of someones body is not working properly, it can cause other parts of the body to overcompensate, which can lead to pain and dysfunction. If your lower back or pelvis is not moving properly, then you will be restricted on the amount of speed and distance you can generate. If these areas are not moving correctly you put extra stress on your spine, which can lead to a multitude of spinal related conditions.
If you are looking to improve your health,  get more distance and a better swing, then it is time to get under regular chiropractic care – just like the professionals do.
Christopher Kessler, DC

Titleist Performance Institute Certified

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