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Chiropractic Adjustment for A Subluxated Or Misaligned Rib


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Chiropractic Adjustment for A Subluxated Or Misaligned Rib

The rib cage encases several vital structures such as the lungs and the heart, keeping them safe from trauma. Your rib cage is connected to the breastbone (sternum) to the front and joins the spine at the back (via facet joints). Multiple issues can lead to subluxation or Misaligned Rib which presents as pain and breathing difficulties. If you are suffering from such issues we suggest you see a chiropractor and improve your quality of life!

What Is Subluxation Of Ribs?

A subluxation is a condition in which the rib is not dislocated from the joint but gets out of normal alignment. A subluxation usually results from an injury. Many people experience rib misalignment after a car accident or a fall (involving direct trauma to the chest).

Slipping Rib Syndrome

In some cases, patients experience a disorder called slipping rib syndrome in which the rib subluxates with breathing activity and returns to place itself. The syndrome needs medical attention.

How To Identify Misalignment Or Subluxation Of A Rib?

The most common symptoms of rib subluxation include:

  • Popping/clicking sensations in ribs
  • Sharp stabbing pain in the upper body
  • Chest pain (pronounced on coughing and sneezing, etc.)
  • Difficulty in breathing

How Can Chiropractors Offer Help With Rib Misalignment?

Chiropractors can alleviate symptoms by realigning your ribs. The non-interventional treatment modality has been successful in providing pain relief to aching patients. Per a study athletes suffering from slipping rib syndrome reported maximum benefit from osteopathic manipulation.

Spinal manipulation is an effective way of managing rib misalignments. Patients report evident improvement in symptoms after multiple sessions of chiropractic care. Moreover, a chiropractor also guides you on exercises and stretches that can help recover sooner.

The cumulative effect of spinal manipulation and exercises is pain alleviation and improvement in quality of life.

Rib Subluxation Management At Legacy Clinic

If you experience popping of the chest on breathing, it might be an underlying rib subluxation. Save yourself from paralyzing chest pain and visit the Legacy Clinic of Chiropractic ASAP! By carefully manipulating the spinal and rib structures, experts at the Legacy Clinic reduce pain and gradually return your rib to its natural position.

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