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Chiropractic and Pickle Ball


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Chiropractic and Pickle Ball

The game was first invented in 1965 by three dads in the United States with bored kids. It slowly made its way to Canada and is now the country’s fastest-growing sport.

It’s a game played by young, old, and everyone in between. In fact, the slogan of Pickleball Canada is, “A Game for All.”

If you live in The Villages then you or you now someone who plays pickle ball. In order to hit the ball over the net you need to use the rotator cuff of the shoulder to provide the racket motion. If you want to get a little more power in your swing, then you will need to use your pelvis to help rotate you when you swing the racket. The pelvis plays a very important roll in racket sports and in golf. The pelvis is made up of two sacroiliac joints that are constantly moving when twisting, bending, or walking. The more mobility these joints have, the better swing of a pickle ball racket you will have. 

Chiropractors at Legacy Clinic of chiropractic in The Villages do a series of orthopedic and biomechanical assessments to see how your SI joint is moving. If the doctors determine that the SI joint is fixated, a chiropractor adjustment is given. After a specific SI joint adjustment, a patient will feel more mobility in the pelvis which will help with racket sports and rotating activities. 

To have your SI joint evaluated and to improve your pickle ball game, contact Legacy Clinic of Chiropractic in the Villages.

chiropractic and pickle ball

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