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Chiropractic spinal adjustments for back pain


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Chiropractic spinal adjustments for back pain

What is a chiropractic adjustment?

A chiropractic adjustment is a non-surgical procedure that is done by a chiropractor. In this treatment, pressure can be applied to the joints to realign the spine. It can be helpful to reduce discomfort and back pain. Chiropractic adjustment provides long-term relief from back pain.  Generally, chiropractic spinal adjustment is an effective treatment for different disorders of the nervous system and surrounding structures.

What are the conditions in which chiropractic spinal adjustment effective?

You are a good candidate for getting chiropractic spinal adjustment if you have the following conditions:

  • Lower back pain: People with acute or chronic lower back pain should get benefit from getting spinal adjustment treatment.
  • Sciatica: It is the pain associated with the sciatic nerve which controls the muscles of the back of the leg. So, if you have sciatica, you should get chiropractic adjustment to reduce the pain.  
  • Headache: Chiropractic adjustment is effective to prevent migraines.
  • Neck pain: If you have chronic or acute neck pain, then chiropractic adjustment is best for you as compared to taking drugs to treat this pain.

Who should not have chiropractic spinal adjustment?

You are not a suitable candidate for spinal adjustment treatment if you have any of the following problems:

  • Osteoporosis
  • Risk of stroke
  • Spinal tumor
  • Numbness or tingling in arms or legs

What happens during a chiropractic spinal adjustment?

Before the treatment, the chiropractor may perform imaging tests such as an X-ray, CT scan (computed tomography), or MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging). During chiropractic spinal adjustment, you need to lie on a chiropractic table. The chiropractic table allows some parts of your body to lift higher as compared with the rest of the body. It helps to apply pressure to the required areas to treat the disease. Then, the chiropractor may use his hands or small instruments to apply pressure or stretch your joints. It is helpful to realign the vertebrae of your spin if they are slightly off-centered and causes pain.

How long does chiropractic adjustment realign the spine?

Normally, you may need 18 to 24 adjustments over 9-14weeks to complete the phases of chiropractic care. These phases are pain relief, stabilization, and rehabilitation.

What is the recovery time after the chiropractic spinal adjustment?

Most people experience immediate relief from the pain after the treatment. Some patients can feel soreness for 24 hours after the spinal adjustment. The main goal of this treatment is to provide you with long-term relief. A chiropractor may recommend you incorporate stretches into your daily routine. It can help prevent future problems.

Is chiropractic adjustment treatment safe?

Yes, chiropractic adjustment treatment is safe when it is performed by a trained or licensed chiropractor. You may experience temporary soreness, stiffness, or pain.

What is the popping sound produced during chiropractic spinal adjustment?

You may experience a popping sound during the spinal adjustment. These are due to the gases which include oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide that release from your joints. Sometimes, the gas may trap in your joint cavities. Therefore, you can hear popping or cracking sounds when gas is released during a chiropractic adjustment.

What results do I expect after chiropractic spinal adjustment?

The results depend upon the extent of the problem. Generally, you may experience a reduction in pain after the first treatment. But you need to get chiropractic spinal adjustment treatment for 1 to 4 weeks. With time, the pain will disappear and improve the functions of your spine.

Here are some Benefits of chiropractic spinal adjustment:

  1. The chiropractic spinal adjustment can help improve immunity. Due to the misalignment of the spine, your body’s immunity may reduce. This treatment can realign your spine into its normal shape which improves your nervous system and increases the body’s immunity.
  2. It improves your posture, reduces back pain, and improves the motion of your spine.
  3. If you have acute low back pain, spinal adjustment can relieve the pain.
  4. Additionally, the chiropractic adjustment is effective to treat minor neck and spinal injuries such as whiplash.

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