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Class 4 Laser Therapy near me in The Villages


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Class 4 Laser Therapy near me in The Villages

Class 4 laser therapy is used to treat musculoskeletal pain and swelling. Due to its effectiveness, Class 4 laser is now present in almost every prominent hospital, clinic, and medical center. The Legacy Clinic of Chiropractic has laser therapy to provide long-term relief from pain. Legacy Clinic has a 60-watt Class 4 laser therapy in The Villages. If you have arthritis, neck pain, back pain, or any other musculoskeletal pain, you should visit Legacy Clinic to get Class 4 laser therapy in the villages.

What is Class 4 laser therapy?

Class 4 laser therapy is a standard of care for several musculoskeletal injuries. In laser therapy, red or near-infrared light is used to create therapeutic effects. The light can help to stimulate specific processes that reduce the symptoms of pain, and inflammation and provide relief. Laser therapy is divided into several Classes from which Class 4 laser generates heat. Laser therapy is an effective way that provides quick recovery and reduces pain.

How does it work?

The wavelength of light used in Class 4 laser is penetrated deeper into the skin as compared to Class 3 laser therapy. So, Class 4 laser therapy is more efficient and provides more benefits. It allows energy to rapidly enter the nerve, ligament, muscles, and tissue. Hence, the session may last for 2 to 6 minutes. Class 4 laser therapy stimulates the production of ATP and can accelerate the healing process of cells. When ATP production increases, it improves the symptoms of pain, inflammation, and range of motion.

Benefits of Class 4 laser:

  1. Noninvasive pain-relieving treatment
  2. Reduce pain, inflammation, and other complications
  3. Improves the range of motion
  4. Provides anti-inflammatory effects
  5. Enhance tissue regeneration, tissue repairing, and wound healing
  6. Increased endurance and strength

The Villages (Class 4 laser) at Legacy Clinic:

VELAS series has wavelength options of 810nm, 940nm, 980nm, 1210nm, 1470nm, and 1940nm, with single and double pulse modes. These options can help with different conditions and even treat toenail fungus

Legacy Clinics Class IV Laser

Schedule your no-obligation consultation today to learn more about Legacy Clinic’s Class 4 Laser.

Legacy Clinic is located in the heart of The Villages, FL, featuring chiropractors and doctors of oriental medicine.

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