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Maximized Living Chiropractor in the Villages Florida


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Maximized Living Chiropractor in the Villages Florida

We talked to Dr. John C Theeck D.C., Legacy Clinic-The Villages about how he incorporates a personalized program for each patient.

Each patient that comes into my office has a specific structural condition that is affecting their spine and therefore causing symptoms of headaches, neck pain, and/or arthritis. Your first appointment at Legacy Clinic utilizes comprehensive analyzation in our state of the art facility. We focus on finding the cause to your problem and therefore permanently correcting your symptoms. An injury to the spinal structure causes a change in the muscles, muscle memory, and spinal column.
Traditional chiropractors focus on aligning the spinal column, but do not focus on strengthen the effected structure.
Physical Therapists focus on stretching and strengthen the damaged muscles associated with the compensation that occurred from the structural changed of the spinal column.
Dr. John C Theeck at Legacy Clinic utilizes the pettibon technique which focuses on changing the structure, neuromuscular exercises, and y-axial adjustments. “Each patient that comes into my office has a different spine”. I have never seen 2 of the exact same spines which mean each person gets specific PERSONALIZED exercises for their condition.
Do you want your adjustments to hold and to learn about the Pettibon Technique?
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Dr John Theeck, DC
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