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Effective Weight Loss


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Effective Weight Loss

Welcome to an effective weight loss program in The Villages, Florida where you can safely lose up to 25 pounds in 40 days and keep it off! This program is supervised by Dr. Chris Kessler through Legacy Clinic and his success rate is through the roof!

Effective Weight Loss

What makes this an effective weight loss program? This program allows patients to lose weight and keep it off without harmful chemicals that could cause other problems. It does not require a gym membership where you need to spend several hours a day nor do you need to invest in equipment for your home. It doesn’t require expensive meal plans and there are no public weigh-ins. While the plan itself is pretty straight forward, Dr. Chris makes himself available to answer any questions you may have.

This plan succeeds where others fail because it is not meant to last only while you’re on it. This plan is meant to train your body to keep using unwanted fat as fuel which helps to keep the weight off in the future. By lowering the intake of carbohydrates, your body will begin to use up the fat that it has “stored” for later use. In the meantime, almost all vegetables are unlimited and you can still eat lean proteins so you never have to feel like you’re starving.

You should never rely on just one article to make your choice though. We have many testimonials from patients who have had outstanding success on this plan. One of our own employees even tried and lost an amazing 90 pounds. There is no better time than now to start living a healthier life. Dr Chris also offers a free consultation to further answer any questions about the plan that you might have. Call or email us today to start shedding those unwated pounds!

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