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Eliminate Allergies NOW

Fall allergies are at their peak from August through October and they can be a real issue if you live in central Florida. The key culprits are the tiny, airborne pollen grains that come off trees, weeds, and grasses. During this time of the year, ragweed is rampant all over Florida and is a prime cause of allergies. Wind-blown ragweed allergens can travel for hundreds of miles. Just one plant produces more than one billion grains of pollen per season. Pollen and mold are hard to avoid when you want to go outside and play, but there are a number of ways to alleviate allergy symptoms. When you have an allergy, your body produces a histamine reaction that can include running nose, sinusitis, and/or stuffy nose. It is your body’s natural defense mechanism when exposed to these foreign particles. Over-the-counter medications are targeted to turn off the histamine receptor for a few hours and provide temporary relief. Check out below on how to eliminate that histamine reaction. 

Legacy Clinic in The Villages Top Allergy Remedies:
1.Antronex – supplant protocol 
2.Engystol injections 

Antronex is a supplement that works by removing the histamine in your body that is caused by the allergen. Antronex contains yakriton which is a liver fat extract discovered by Japanese researchers that are used to support the body’s normal detoxification mechanisms. Yakriton was first discovered in 1926 and has been studied for years. Basically, the way it helps with congestion from allergies and asthma is by helping the liver function more efficiently in producing histamines. When you have an irritation or allergy, your body produces histamines, which can cause various symptoms one main symptom being congestion or runny nose. It is your body’s natural defense, but sometimes our bodies go into overdrive or our liver gets clogged with toxins. Pharmaceutical decongestants dry up and completely block all these things from happening for a few hours but Antronex helps your body by toning down the flood of histamines and regulating your body Engystol is an outstanding homeopathic injection that can be used to prevent flu and can also be used to help allergies. This homeopathic formula has been shown to act as an anti-inflammatory of the mucous membranes, which are heavily affected during histamine reactions. Engystol is indicated for immune system support to reduce the severity and duration of symptoms in viral infections. It stimulates the body’s initial defense mechanisms. It contains the natural ingredients Swallowwort and Sulfur. Swallowwort, has an anti-inflammatory and supporting effect on the immune system. The sulfur acts against the inflammation of the mucus membranes. 

If you are suffering from allergies and want natural and fast results, contact Legacy Clinic in The Villages, FL at 352-259-0024 for your allergy relief. 

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