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Functional Training in The Villages


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Functional Training in The Villages

Functional Training: The newest and greatest way to correct hip flexor problems, balance, posture, weak core, or pelvis problems.
Functional fitness exercises are designed to train and develop your muscles to make it easier and safer to perform everyday activities, such as carrying groceries or playing with your kids.

✅ protect your back

✅ regain your mobility and relieve stiffness

✅ improve core strength

Functional Training

This program is appropriate for anyone looking to bulletproof their low back for life!  Our trainer will make it easy and teach you how to strengthen your low back and keep it healthy for anything life throws at you. This program is also appropriate for anyone that is currently dealing with low back issues or has dealt with them in the past.

Functional training is now being offered at Legacy Clinic in the Villages, FL. For more information or to schedule an appointment contact us today!

Call: 352-259-0024

Email: info@legacyclinic.org

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