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Happy National Golf Day!


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Happy National Golf Day!

We want all of you golfers out there playing your best! Let us help you improve your swing and be able to do more on the course with less pain. The Titleist Institute has certified Dr. Chris Kessler as a chiropractor that specializes in the body mechanics of golfers. He has been able to help golfers all over improve their swings and drives. He has also been able to decrease and even eliminate pain from poor swings, long walking, and improper arch support.

Let’s face it, golf is a very important part of a lot of people’s lives. Having to give it up because it causes too much pain is not ok. Even if you just want to improve your game, setting up a consultation with Dr. Chris can be the first step to a healthier, happier (longer driving) you. Consultations are free and Dr. Chris offers a variety of ways to support his patients from chiropractic care to weight loss to custom made orthotics.

In honor of National Golf Day, call to schedule an appointment today and get your swing back!

Phone: 352.259.0024

Email: info@legacyclinic.org

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