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Herniated Disc Patient Wins State Title


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Herniated Disc Patient Wins State Title

The Legacy Clinic of Chiropractic continues to provide top-notch chiropractic treatment to numerous patients. Today, we share the success story of a premier high school competitive weightlifter who found his career at stake, owing to a serious injury. But thanks to the professionals at the Legacy Clinic, everything ended really well!

Kristian Sarakinis

Weightlifting Injury

A few months ago Kristian Sarakinis suffered a severe blow as he experienced a weightlifting injury just when he was training for the state championship. The injury was so serious that it bulged the spinal disc out of its normal position.

The bulging disc not only put Kristian in agonizing pain but also broke his dream of competing in the state championship. Mr. Sarakins felt that his career was over and he wouldn’t be able to lift weights again. In this time of gloom and despair, he direly wished for a miracle.

Chiropractic Treatment By Dr. JT Anderson

A disheartened Kristian landed at the Legacy Clinic of Chiropractic for the management of symptoms. At the facility, he met Dr. JT Anderson who would change his life for the better. Dr. Anderson treated him with highly efficient physical therapy. In addition to physiotherapy, Dr. JT provided constant help and support to Mr. Sarakinis. The healing hand of Dr. Anderson not only alleviated pain but also motivated him for future endeavors.

State Championship

With treatment from the Legacy clinic, Sarakins was not only able to recover completely but also participated in the state championship. The dedicated weightlifter went on to win not one but two state championships.

To date, he credits Dr. JT Anderson and the Legacy Clinic of Chiropractic for his victory. He is forever grateful!

Mr. urges all youngsters to seek chiropractic treatment from the Legacy Clinic.

Advice From Kristian Sarakinis

He advises all athletes and sportsmen in school, college or adult level to seek chiropractic treatment, especially from the Legacy Clinic. It is an absolute life changer that has helped him achieve his goals when all hope was lost.

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