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How to Choose The Best Chiropractor in The Villages


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How to Choose The Best Chiropractor in The Villages

When you have back pain and you are in The Villages, FL looks no further but to Legacy Clinic of Chiropractic. They have three chiropractors, four massage therapists, and one acupuncturist. Two of the chiropractors graduated from Palmer Chiropractic College in Port Orange, FL. Dr. John Theeck graduated in 2009 and has a gift to help people. Dr. Chris Kessler graduated in 2012 and is certified by the Titleist performance institute. Dr. Tim Clarrey graduated in 2009 from Cleveland chiropractic college and ran a very successful office in Kansas City, Kansas. When coming to Legacy Clinic for back pains, the doctors focus on looking for the cause of the pain. When the cause is addressed, the doctors like to treat it as quickly as possible without any long-term treatment plans. If needed, the doctors will use the assistance of Dr. Aaron Perry to use trigger point injections or acupuncture. These needle techniques and injections help relieve muscle injury or pain that can be intolerable at times. Dr. Aaron Perry has over fifteen years of experience as a doctor of oriental medicine. He is becoming a well-known practitioner in the injection treatment of prolozone. He often has doctors visiting him and training with him on his injecting techniques. If you are looking for pain reduction and corrective treatments in The Villages, FL, please contact Legacy Clinic today at 352-259-0024. Legacy Clinic is located in the heart of The Villages, FL, and offers free consultations to learn about treatment options or to review films.

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