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Injections Vs Medications


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Injections Vs Medications

Homeopathic injections vs traditional medications

Most traditional pain medications on the market work by turning off pain receptors. They mask symptoms by turning off the inflammatory response and receptors for a brief period. While this may make you fell better for a couple of hours, it has done nothing to fix the cause of the pain. This means that once the medication wears off, you will still be in pain.

Homeopathic injections such as ozone injections are localized to the area affected and work to bring relief by fixing the root cause of the pain. Perhaps the best part is that they don’t carry harmful side effects like traditional painkillers which have to make their way through the entire body. These injections are also better and faster than cortisone shots and can be given in several sites several times a year as opposed to the 3 shots per year rule with cortisone.

injections vs medications

There are a number of reasons to choose injections vs medications. Legacy Clinic has been a leader in offering homeopathic injections to help their patients find the relief they’ve been asking for. They now also offer ozone injections which can help treat many different ailments. Ozone therapy safely eliminates the causes of pain and gives a 75% chance for the chronic pain sufferer to become permanently pain free!

prolotherapy ozone injections

If you have been suffering, there is no better time than now to contact the team at Legacy Clinic! To become pain free and stgart enjoying life again contact Legacy Clinic at:

Phone: 352-259-0024

Email: info@legacyclinic.org

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