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Legacy Clinic Scholarship Winner Announcement: Eva Watterson


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Legacy Clinic Scholarship Winner Announcement: Eva Watterson

The Legacy Clinic of Chiropractic is excited to announce the scholarship program winner. The institute is dedicated to providing opportunities to deserving students. We aim to bring positive change in society with knowledge and wisdom.

Eva Watterson: The Enthusiastic Captain

We congratulate Eva Watterson for winning the Buffalo scholarship offered by the Legacy Clinic. Eva is a hardworking and self-driven individual who is unafraid of life challenges. The enthusiastic and honest-to-work Eva wishes to study Physical Therapy (with a minor in Exercise Science) at the Palm Beach Atlantic University College of Central Florida. Owing to her love for kids, her goal is to become a physical therapist and serve at a pediatric hospital.

Eva Watterson is an exceptional player and leader with numerous accolades and achievements on the field. She was the high school basketball team captain (2022-2023) and is the volleyball captain for sessions 2023-2024. Ms. Watterson is also the FCA leadership team officer. Based on her commendable skills, she has been awarded the “Most Committed” award in basketball (2022-2023) and the “Biggest Heart” award for volleyball (2023-2024).

In her leisure time, she devotes herself to teaching children about their savior Jesus in the church. She aims to teach the message of empathy and discipline to the young ones.

The Legacy Clinic is ecstatic to help such a highly motivated individual achieve her dreams. We wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors and hope she gathers many more feathers in her cap!


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