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Legacy Clinic Weight Loss program


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Legacy Clinic Weight Loss program

We are continuing to have tremendous success with our Legacy Clinic weight loss patients! One of our patients recently lost over 42 pounds in 12 weeks and over 9 inches off of her belly. Another patient has now lost over 65 pounds and over 12 inches off her belly. Look at these amazing before and after photos!

the villages weight loss

These patients were able to accomplish their goals by simply following a portion-controlled diet along with a few supplements along the way to help balance out their gastrointestinal system and balance out their sugar and insulin metabolism. These diets required no exercise, no pre-packaged foods, no hormones, and no HCG. 

The most common feedback that we receive from patients is how their energy levels soar, their sleep improves, their digestion returns to normal and their brain fog melts away. Patients who complete the program always look and feel much younger once again.

Contact us now to schedule your free weight loss consultation and you too can look and feel vibrant and healthy again!


Christopher Kessler, DC

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