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Manual Chiropractic Vs. Instrument Adjustment


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Manual Chiropractic Vs. Instrument Adjustment

At a modern chiropractic clinic, you can opt for a manual or an instrument-assisted adjustment session for your health issue. The true essence of chiropractic treatment lies in the touch of a chiropractor’s hands; however, the use of machines has made life easier for both the doctor and the patients.

Today, we shall shed some light on the benefits and disadvantages of both types of chiropractic treatments, i.e., manual adjustment and instrument-assisted adjustment.

Manual Adjustment

There are numerous advantages of getting a manual adjustment from an experienced chiropractor. The prime advantage is that you get healed with the original, centuries-old technique. Manual chiropractic treatment is what was designed initially to help correct bodily disorders.

The use of hands to diagnose and treat diseased bodies is taught at chiropractic schools. Thus, every chiropractor learns the basics of manual adjustment. This allows better communication between chiropractors and the patients.

The chances of an error with manual adjustment are low. Applying forces on the patient’s body is tricky business. A trained chiropractor carefully adjusts the force intensity and type depending on the body region and the condition of the patient. Therefore, patients can rely better on a manual session.

As the manual type merely requires the power of the chiropractor, there is no need for electricity or artificial energy to power up the instruments. Patients don’t need to wait for the charging or starting of chiropractic devices.

The physical contact of a chiropractor’s hands can amp up the process of healing. Researchers have identified the power of the healing touch of the healthcare provider. Research has identified multiple ways by which chiropractors impart a healing touch to the patient.

Instrument-Aided Adjustment

We have seen a myriad of biomedical devices in the health field. A lot of these devices have revolutionized the world of medicine. You can now find several highly efficacious instruments and devices that do a great job at spinal adjustments. Studies show that devices like the Activator Adjusting Instrument (AAI) have a clinical efficacy equal to manual adjustment.

With instrument-aided chiropractic adjustment, you can get the latest treatments in the field. Most high-end clinics keep their devices up-to-date so any new technique can be incorporated into the plan.

Another advantage of opting for instruments is time-saving. The sole purpose of all machines is to save time and effort. In general, instrument chiropractic sessions are completed sooner than manual ones. You should go for an instrument session if you are short of time.

The use of specially designed instruments allows precise application of forces. As the instruments are specifically designed, there is easier adjustment of areas that are hard to reach by hand. With machines and instruments, the same pain-relieving force can be applied every time the patient visits.


Both types of chiropractic treatments have their benefits and shortfalls. Selection of the right type comes from personal choice. Getting guidance from your chiropractor is the right thing to do.

Chiropractic Treatment At The Legacy Clinic

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