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McKenzie Exercises In The Villages


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McKenzie Exercises In The Villages

Also known as the Mechanical diagnosis and therapy (MDT), the McKenzie method is a treatment strategy adopted to manage different types of pains. Various types of exercises fall under the Mckenzie method. The main aim of these exercises is to treat sciatica and radicular pain. If your back pain keeps you tossing all night and conventional therapies fail to provide relief, the McKenzie method is ideal for you!

What Are McKenzie’s Exercises?

The McKenzie method was developed by physiotherapist Robin McKenzie in an attempt to cure musculoskeletal disorders and spinal problems. It is a unique approach involving customized exercise-based treatment.

How Does It Work?

Centralization Of Pain

This treatment strategy revolves around the centralization of the pain. Centralization refers to changes in the pain location on movement. For example, the location of pain changes from the leg to the back (or close to the body’s center). The physical therapist/chiropractor determines this by making the patients undergo repeated motions (extension or flexion). Patients capable of centralizing their pain are called “responders” while others are termed “non-responders”.

By achieving the centralization of pain, the healthcare provider alleviates the more severe form of pain i.e., radiating pain. Central pain is generally well tolerated by the patients. So, immediate relief from radiating nerve pain is rewarding.

Directional Preference

The type of movement (in most cases extension) that leads to pain relief is called the directional preference. In multiple sciatica cases, backward bending centralizes pain and indicates a directional preference. Pain management is easier with the determination of the directional preference of the patient.  

How Are McKenzie’s Exercises Performed?

It is a multi-step procedure. In the first visit, the physical therapist takes the complete history of pain and carries out a physical examination. This involves demanding different movements from the patient (to centralize). Centralization phenomenon and directional preference are identified. Then the patient is classified as:

  • Derangement syndrome
  • Dysfunction syndrome
  • Postural syndrome
  • Non-mechanical syndrome

After accurate stratification, therapeutic exercises are prescribed by the therapist. These exercises not only improve symptoms but also promote healing and recovery. The exercises are performed under the therapist’s supervision.

In the next step, self-treatment with these exercises is taught to the patient for home management. The therapist continues to monitor the progress and suggests any changes accordingly.

Benefits Of McKenzie Exercises

MDT/McKenzie exercises help in the treatment of the following conditions:

Common Types Of Mckenzie Exercises

  • Lying prone
  • Lying extended
  • Standing extended

Legacy Clinic Of Chiropractic: Authentic Site For McKenzie Exercises In The Villages

The Legacy Clinic Of Chiropractic strives to keep the residents of the Villages free from back pain. The clinic is offering MDT/Mckenzie exercises in the Villages to help relieve back pain patients. So, visit today and prevent your back pain from returning.

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