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Medical Massage Vs Spa Massage


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Medical Massage Vs Spa Massage

Have you heard of medical massage? Have you wondered what the difference is between the two types? Maybe you thought they were the same thing, so we wanted to help clarify.

Medical massage differs from a normal spa massage in that it works towards a specific outcome. During a spa massage, most patients enjoy a Swedish massage that focus on relaxation. Medical massage may incorporate techniques like trigger point therapy or myofascial release in order to aid muscle health recovery.

Knowing what your desired outcome is will help you decide what type of massage you want. Legacy Clinic is here to help with either. We have two highly skilled massage therapists with excellent reputations to help you achieve better health through massage. Whether you require deep tissue, trigger point therapy or simply a more centralized massage, we are here for you. CLICK HERE to learn more about all we have to offer.

Lee Seagreaves

Lee has worked with physical therapists and performs medical massages

Latoya Smith LMT

Latoya is known as the “deep tissue therapist” in The Villages

Many clinics also offer 60 minute massages but you probably know by now that you’re more likely to only get 45 minutes at best. Why settle for only 75% of what you paid for? You wouldn’t accept that in any other situation. Imagine buying a car that didn’t come with an engine. Let our therapists work with you and experience what that extra time can mean. Wouldn’t you like to be 25% more relaxed?

Legacy Clinic of Chiropractic in The Villages is a comprehensive chiropractic practice that provides services to The Villages, Florida area and focuses on improving the health of each patient. Please call or email us for more information

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