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Motion Is Lotion By Dr. JT Anderson


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Motion Is Lotion By Dr. JT Anderson

Aging is characterized by a multitude of problems and health concerns. Research reveals that the body grows old, skeletal muscles become frail, and cognitive abilities take a nosedive. While entering into the later stages of life accolades you with a superior rank, the joints, and muscles become cranky.

A seasoned body usually has plenty of squeaky, achy, and angry joints. These noisy joints gravely reduce your quality of life and interfere with daily activities. Alas! You can not stop your body from entering into the vortex of aging. But hurray! You can enter it with a fitter body and a sharper mind. We’ll explain how.

How Does Aging Affects Joints?

Mother nature protects your joints with ample quantities of fluid (synovial) and elastic tissues (cartilage) within the gliding bones. As you become seasoned, the cartilage and the synovial fluid undergo recession. Thus, just like your skin, you face dry joints which become problematic with time.

Managing dry skin is simple; Apply lotion. But what about the joints???

You can’t apply lotion to the joints!!!

How Can I Get Rid Of Dry Joints?

The solution to squeaky, painful, dry joints and a weak mind is Motion Is Lotion-Live An Oily Lifeby Dr. JT Anderson. It is a life-changing book that prevents you from falling into the abyss of a weak skeletomuscular system. The book touches on some crucial health maintenance points discussed below.

Motion Is Lotion

In the book you will find about:

Exercises: The book discusses exercises that are good for your body. It guides you about the poses and exercise types that promote joint health and warns you of activities that decay joints.

Nutrition: It laces you with the right knowledge of what to eat and what to avoid for a healthy skeletal and mental system.

Tips and tricks: With Motion is Lotion, you can learn ways to improve your overall brain function and become more alert than ever.

Serve as a template for years: By extracting the golden nuggets from the text, you can use this book as a template for years to come.

The data in the book is not limited to the above-mentioned points, rather,  it is a comprehensive guide for anyone looking to keep his body healthy and fit.

Where Can I Get Motion Is Lotion?

You can get your copy of the Motion is Lotion- Live An Oily Life by clicking here!

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