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Natural Allergy Shots


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Natural Allergy Shots

Allergies can be annoying and for some, they can be downright awful. But what can you do? Mold won’t stop growing and pollen will always be around. We have been relying on allergy medicines for some time now. Products such as Flonase, Zyrtec and Claritin go flying off the shelves during allergy season. The question is: are they helping you or hurting you?

As some of you are already aware, Zyrtec was recently pulled from the shelves for containing products that may cause cancer. This begs the question of what the other popular brands may be doing to our bodies. So must we simply suffer the runny noses, itchy skin, and watery eyes that come with the warm weather? Not anymore.

Engystol is a completely natural treatment for allergies that has no side effects. In addition, it also boosts your immune system helping reduce the length of colds and flu viruses. Patients have already said that their noses stopped running after only ten minutes and some have called it a miracle. There is never a bad time to get your shot of Engystol. Call or email today to find out more information!

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