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Ozone Injections For Joint Pain


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Ozone Injections For Joint Pain

Legacy Clinic is now offering prolotherapy ozone injections. If you suffer from arthritis, painful joints, or inflammation, this new therapy is just what you’ve been searching for.

By stimulating mitochondria, ozone supports and accelerates the body’s natural ability to heal damaged tissue and regenerate healthy tissue. Examples include ozone injections to heal damaged joints. It accomplishes this by stimulating the mitochondria of cells that are actively involved in regeneration, such as stem cells or the cells that generate new collagen in a damaged joint, or those that form new bones in the case of bone damage.

ozone injections

Note: Every cell in your body is dependent on ATP from which it derives the energy it needs to perform its functions. ATP is generated in mitochondria. Therefore, if your cells have more ATP, they function better. From cells that make collagen, to cells that make your hormones, or make natural antioxidants, or detox your blood… everything is dependent on the health of your mitochondria. Ozone is better at supporting the health of your mitochondria than any other known substance.

Homeopathic medicine (no side effects)

  • releasees knots in muscle
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Pain reduction
  • More flexibility

Now offering prolotherapy:

  • injections to help rebuild cells
  • Great for rotator cuff injuries
  • Great for hip and knee injuries

If you think you might benefit from ozone injections or you would like more information on this or other therapies, please contact us today.

(352) 259-0024


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