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Pickleball Ebook By Dr.John Theeck


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Pickleball Ebook By Dr.John Theeck

Pickleball is an amazing sport loved by the young and the old alike. This unique combination of tennis and ping pong has gained rapid popularity. The Village has been the epicenter of pickleball’s popularity.

The Risks Associated with Pickleball

Many individuals now indulge in a hectic game of pickleball daily. Experts categorize pickleball as an aerobic exercise that involves simultaneous, vigorous movements of multiple muscles.

Getting on the ground for a match with your friend may seem like a safe activity, but there are several dangers associated with pickleball.

How Dr. John Theeck’s Book Can Help Prevent and Manage Injuries

Don’t worry! There are no zombies in this game. However, improper body balance and biomechanics can make you prone to sports injuries. The injuries sustained during pickleball can be mild to severe in intensity.

Dr. John Theeck is a known man who has invested plenty of time and energy in managing pickleball-related injuries. Dr. Theeck has put all his heart and soul into an ebook regarding pickleball.

This immensely valuable book discusses everything you need to know as a pickleball player. With his experience in the chiropractor field, Dr. John has explained the muscles and joints involved in the game. So you know which areas you should strengthen for better performance.

The Importance of Warming Up and Stretching

Warming up is the gospel of truth for pickleball players. You make your muscles prone to strains and sprains without a proper warm-up. Similarly, stretching is imminent for the flexibility of the joints. Keeping in mind the importance of these activities, Dr. Theeck has discussed the most efficient ways of stretching and warming up.

Any person reading the book can effectively prevent the development of injuries. The book also offers help if you have developed an injury (such as a pickleball elbow) and are clueless about managing it.

Dr. John Theeck’s book carries text that will guide you to manage common pickleball injuries with easy steps. It also aids in speeding up the recovery process.

Get Your Copy of Dr. John Theeck’s Book Today!

So, if you are a pickleball lover who wants to save himself from injuries and improve his biomechanics, we recommend you get Dr. John’s book on pickleball.

To Download your free copy, Click here https://www.lulu.com/shop/john-theeck/stretch-your-legacy/ebook/product-8ek9er.html?page=1&pageSize=4

To purchase the book Click Here. https://www.lulu.com/shop/dr-john-theeck-dc/stretch-your-legacy/paperback/product-m722e5.html?page=1&pageSize=4

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