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Platelet-Rich Plasma Injection Cost


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Platelet-Rich Plasma Injection Cost

People have gained a lot of knowledge about PRP injections for back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, etc. But a prevalent question that hasn’t got an answer yet is the cost of platelet-rich plasma injection. In this blog post, we will shed light on how much it can cost for platelet-rich plasma therapy.


Factors Affecting Cost of PRP Injections

There are so many factors that influence the overall cost of PRP injections. Some of them are as follows:

Geographical Location

The cost of living and the standard of medical services where you go for chiropractic care define the price range of the therapy.

Type of Condition

It also depends on the severity of your medical condition. 

For example: if you have complexity with your knee, it can cost a bit higher.

Number of Sessions

Some complex situations require multiple sessions of PRP injections to heal completely. Hence, the cost depends on them too.

Chiropractic Care

The experience, expertise, and reputation of the chiropractor also play a major role in deciding the cost.

If you require a chiropractor in “The Villages”, you can reach out to Legacy Clinic. It provides the best quality of PRP injections in “The Villages.”

Equipment and Technology

Different chiropractors use different qualities of equipment to lay out platelet-rich plasma therapy. The higher the quality, the higher the price range.

How long should you Rest after the PRP injection?

The time you take to recover after a PRP session requires proper chiropractor guidance. Hence, this factor also influences the overall cost.

Breaking Down the Costs

Although the overall cost of PRP injections for back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, etc. differ at different places, we are trying to give an overview of the cost breakdown below:

Initial Consultation

Before the process of platelet-rich plasma, an initial consultation with the expert is necessary. 

Per Session Cost

Depending on the severity of the medical condition, the chiropractor suggests a particular number of sessions of PRP injections. 

Additional Fees

Some clinics charge extra for follow-up visits, post-treatment chiropractic care, and others. These vary from place to place.

Now, let us understand the cost breakdown by taking a theoretical situation of PRP injections for back pain.

For back pain, let’s say it will cost somewhere around a total of $1500. 

Initial Consultation: $200

Per Session Cost: $1000

Additional Costs: $300

(These are not the exact and actual values, we have just demonstrated a fictional situation to clear the cost breakdown).

PRP Therapy by Insurance?

Many patients who eagerly want to have a platelet-rich plasma session have questions regarding whether PRP therapy can be covered by insurance or not. Unfortunately, PRP injections haven’t developed this facility yet. The insurance companies do not consider this therapy as an experimental one, hence, they do not offer any insurance for the same. But there are some cases, especially in orthopedics (such as back pain), where insurance might help. But it’s essential to check with your insurance provider first before any step.

Tips to Manage PRP Costs

You can consider the following tips to manage your PRP costs:

Consult Multiple Providers

Check quotes from several chiropractors to compare prices & quality. Go with the one who matches your financial expenses.

Inquire about Packages

Many clinics offer package deals (in case your condition requires multiple sessions of PRP). It can help reduce the overall cost.

Check for Promotions

Many times, the clinics run promotions or provide discounts on PRP therapies. Keep an eye on grabbing the deal.

Discuss Payment Plans

You can discuss financing options to spread the cost over time.

Legacy Clinic is the best provider of platelet-rich plasma injections in “The Villages.” If you need one, feel free to reach out!


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