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Posture Health

Good posture health is extremely important. Poor posture can lead to pain and could lead to degeneration of the spine over time. Rounded shoulders posture describes the appearance of shoulders that are further forward than normal. People who have rounded shoulders often also have forward head position and increased slouching of the upper back.

As you can imagine poor posture health causes enormous stress on the neck and shoulders. This can lead to: neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, sleep disorders, and numbness among other things.

Some common causes for rounded shoulders include: sitting for extended periods in front of a computer, reading or texting on the phone with your head down, driving for extended periods of time in a bad posture, sleeping with poor posture, excessive weight training, cycling in poor posture and carrying heavy backpacks.

At Legacy Clinic, we want to help. A great exercise to help train your body is the doorway exercise. No need to go out and buy any equipment so long as you have a doorway! We encourage our patients to complete this 3-5 times a week. This easy exercise will help loosen the abs and chest muscles.

How to do it:

Stand in the doorway and align your hands and elbows with the door frame.

Posture Health

Step through the doorway until you feel the stretch.

Hold this position for 15-20 seconds, then return to the starting position.

Repeat this stretch 3 times.

If you’re suffering from rounded shoulders or think your posture could use some correcting, contact Legacy Clinic today and let them show you the proper ways to realign your body.

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