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Prolozone For Knee


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Prolozone For Knee

Prolozone Knee Ozone Injections: Natural Pain Relief for Knee Problems


Are you suffering from knee pain that seems to be getting worse or won’t go away? Have you tried over-the-counter pain relievers, stretching, heating, ice, and a variety of supposed remedies but you’re still suffering from knee pain? You’re not alone. The usual course of treatment for knee pain is painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs, cortisone shots, and surgery. None of these treatments really treat the underlying cause of knee pain and many, when used frequently, have negative health side effects.  You may be able to eliminate knee pain and any other type of joint pain by stimulating the body’s own natural healing processes to strengthen and repair injured and painful joints and connective tissue including pain from Osteoarthritis.  You can eliminate Knee Pain with Prolozone®.  This treatment is excellent for all forms of musculoskeletal and joint pain including chronic neck, back, and knee pain.  Prolozone® is a combination of Proliferative Therapy and naturally occurring ozone gas.

What Results Will You Get With Prolozone?

  • Regeneration and Rebuilding of New Ligament and Cartilage Tissue
  • Increase Blood Supply and flow of Healing Nutrients To Damaged Areas
  • Increased Healing
  • Reduce Pain

The majority of our clients report little to no pain during the treatment. Over 80% of the patients feel immediate improvement. Prolozone injections use a special treatment solution and Active Oxygen. The special solution is made of natural ingredients and can be injected to improve cellular nutrition. It can include herbal extracts, dextrose, saline, B vitamins, peptides, cellular stimulants, and possibly some homeopathic ingredients.

Contact Legacy Clinic in The Villages, FL today to schedule your no-obligation consultation to see if Prolozone or ozone therapy is your answer for knee pain or joint pain.

2 replies on “Prolozone For Knee”

I had something in the past referred to as Rooster Shots. They helped me for over 18 mos. I was diagnosed with a damaged meniscus..not toren. It continues to give problems if I ride on our Harley or wear the wrong shoes. My question is will this be a continues problem? or if I get shots again..will I be pain free??

Thank you for your question. The Rooster shots are intended to temporarily release pain for around six months or longer. It is hard to determine if you would be pain-free again with the rooster shot. I would suggest looking into a regenerative medicine injection such as the prolozone that will help with pain and help to repair.

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