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Ring Dinger Adjustment


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Ring Dinger Adjustment

Chiropractic care has gained wide popularity as an effective alternative to surgery. With blazing-fast internet and active social media platforms, the world has now become a global village. A medical procedure becoming immensely popular on social media is the Ring Dinger adjustment.

A lot of patients are sharing success stories of this effective chiropractic strategy. Developed by Dr. Gregory Johnson, this very technique can realign your spine and rid you of multiple spine problems.

Is It The Same As Y Strap Adjustment?

The Ring Dinger adjustment is almost the same as a Y-strap adjustment. The only difference is that the former is done on a specialized table.

It is a highly specialized decompression procedure in which the spinal column is stretched along the Y-axis of the body.

How Is It Done?

A specialized strap is placed around the neck of the patient and the chiropractor stands at the head-end of the patient, holding the strap. After ensuring a firm and safe grip, the chiropractor gradually pulls the strap to relieve pressure in the cervical region. You can click here to see a video demonstration of the process.

How Does Ring Dinger Work?

Ring Dinger adjustment works by adjusting the spine to its natural position. The realignment leads to the removal of excess pressure on the muscles and ligaments.

By repositioning the vertebral column, the chiropractor eliminates the cause of nerve impingement.

Another benefit of Ring Dinger and other chiropractic adjustments is improvement in blood flow. With a better supply of oxygen, nutrients, and healing cells there is better recovery from disease/trauma.

Is Ring Dinger Safe?

Yes, Ring Dinger adjustment is painless and a completely safe procedure provided that it is done by an experienced, professional (chiropractor).

Who Can Benefit From Ring Dinger Adjustment?

This type of adjustment mainly targets the upper region of the spine. It has proven to be a wonderful treatment strategy for the following issues:

Neck Pain

Neck pain arising from skeletomuscular imbalances and nerve impingement responds well to Y-strap adjustment

Disc Herniations

Ring Dinger can push vertebral discs back to normal position and alleviate symptoms of disc herniations.

Subluxation Of Vertebrae

Gradual pulling of the cervical vertebrae can also relieve pain and discomfort caused by rib and vertebral subluxations.


Patients have reported significant reductions in headaches following a Ring Dinger adjustment.

Ring Dinger Adjustment In The Villages

There are very few chiropractors who know the art of Ring Dinger/Y strap adjustment. Residents of the Villages are lucky because the Legacy Clinic of Chiropractic is offering Ring Dinger adjustment for its patients. Neck pain, nerve impingements, and headaches will now be a thing of the past. So, don’t delay and realign your spine with Ring Dinger adjustment.


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